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We are a Canadian-owned French language school located in the heart  of Vancouver. We specialize in teaching the beautiful French language to adults, children, business people and government employees.

At Sorbonne Language School, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our teaching, and on our dedication to our students.

We strive to create French lessons which are focused and instructive, while at the same time being energetic and fun. We believe that a language is meant to be communicated to others, and we therefore put the focus on helping students to be able to communicate in French orally and in writing.

All of our teachers are native speakers with many years of experience teaching languages.

Whether you wish to travel to a French-speaking country, refresh the French you once studied, or learn French to improve your career, we can make your language-learning experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

Feel free to Contact Us at any time should you have any questions about our French lessons in Vancouver.

Why choose Sorbonne Language School?

At Sorbonne Language School we firmly believe that a language is meant to be spoken! The theoretical side of language-learning is extremely important, and our teachers have many years of experience practising the art of teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation in a clear, concise way. However we believe that students learn a language to be able to communicate in that language. From the first lesson at Sorbonne Language School we strive to make our students speak as much as possible in a warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. Our students engage in role-plays, games, discussions, debates and other speaking tasks to encourage them to practise the skills that they learn with us as much as possible. Learning a language can be a fulfilling and exciting experience and our teachers are dedicated to having our student’s take away as much as they can from their lessons as possible.

Other reasons to choose Sorbonne Language School

West Broadway and Cypress, 5 minutes walk from Granville and Broadway!

Practical French:
We teach the French that francophones really speak! We teach French that you can actually use in everyday situations, and we encourage speaking throughout our classes.

Teaching Excellence:
All our teachers are all native speakers with many years of experience who are passionate about teaching French. They are warm, friendly, dedicated and supportive as well as being experts in French language and linguistics. We pride ourselves on our excellent teachers.

Our Pedagogical Skills:
At Sorbonne Language School, our team of teachers have created textbooks that teach the fundamentals of real French, including reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.

Our Passion!
We specialize only in the French language and are passionate about teaching French in a way that is clear, concise and helps people really speak French!

Teaching French is our passion and we strive to keep our rates as reasonable as we can so that learning French is affordable to all. We work with students to set up payment plans that they can afford. We never put pressure on students to take lessons with us and always give them time to make up their own minds. Customer Service is very important to us and we make sure our students feel they can discuss any subject with us openly.

Supportive Environment:
We feel strongly that students should feel comfortable and supported while language learning. Our teachers are friendly, patient and supportive as well as being fun!

What if I have specific objectives?

At Sorbonne Language School, we give many hours of private General and Business French a week as well as tutoring many children in private lessons. All private lessons are specifically tailored to the individual needs and objectives of the students. Our team have written 6 textbooks and over 100 lessons, and we have large library of books which allows us to find material whatever the needs of the student.

Why study French?

French is the second most-taught language in B.C. after English.
Learning a language is rewarding at any age. A new initiative by the government of British Columbia to promote French in the province means that many children are now taking French Immersion at school, with a view to French becoming a more prominent language in BC in the future. Indeed, British Columbia has the fastest growing French-immersion enrolment rate in Canada.

French is an official language of Canada.
Knowledge of French is a very important skill for those who work or wish to work for or with government agencies as many such jobs prefer candidates to speak French. French is, of course, Canada’s official language, along with English. France is the second-biggest investor in Canada after the USA.

French is an international language spoken in many countries and international organizations
The French language is one of the world’s most beautiful languages, spoken by 255 million people in such countries as France, Belgium, Lebanon, Madagascar, the Seychelles, Morocco. It is the official language of 55 states and of many international organizations such as the UN, the Olympic Games, FIFA, the European Union, UNESCO, the World Trade Organization, Interpol, and the International Olympic Committee.

We can help you improve your French!
Whether you wish to improve your conversation skills, prepare for a vacation to a French-speaking country, refresh your knowledge of French or do business in French, our specialized courses are adapted to suit your needs. Choose between One-To-One or Group French classes. We also offer Business French classes at your location on our Business web page. Our teachers are highly experienced and professional and our French lessons are very interactive, promoting speaking as much as possible. We believe language learning can be a fun and rewarding experience!