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Become Fluent in French Fast and Easily in less than 2 years

Becoming fluent fast in French will take you 2 (deux) years time, it is indeed very much possible, or at least having to reach a good intermediate level in French.

Here is a to-do-list to help you achieve courant French:

  1. Take an introductory course, we are not doing advertising but it can really help especially people who have no time, most people!
  2. Learn English! Yes, knowing your own grammar is a must when it comes to learning le français.
  3. Watch films en français to hear the language on a regular basis, do not forget TV shows and movies on Netflix and YouTube but also on pay per view sites.
  4. Read en français, the news on Google actualités, the French Google News. I know it sounds obvious but it is not actually! Most of our students are reminded to read read read, lire lire lire!
  5. Listen to songs in French and learn the lyrics, very efficient especially for oral language as many casual words are used.
  6. Go to the French Live Theatre in Vancouver (Théâtre La Seizième on W 7th Ave) and elsewhere, it is a great experience.
  7. Read comics in French, in the Francophonie, comics are as big as in Japan and in the US. Most French kids grow with comics around them or online comics nowadays.
  8. Meet and practice in our French classes, French lessons and our groups outside classes in a real life environment to become fluent fast in French but remember to take notes of new words and ask around around French expressions, check online.


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Become Fluent in French Fast and Easily in less than 2 years
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