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We prepare government employees for the Public Service Commission French tests
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We provide

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Connect with
your French-Canadian colleagues
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Public Service!
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Business French
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We provide
Business French lessons
throughout Vancouver
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Our dedicated team of experienced teachers can help you reach your goals
We provide Business French lessons to civil servants at various government agencies around British Columbia.


      The best way to contact us is to fill in the contact form below with your email address and/or phone number and objectives and we shall contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively please send us your inquiry by email to the email address below. 

      • We Focus on the Specific Needs of the Public Service

        The courses are prepared for the specific needs of civil servants, as clarified through needs analyses prior to the start of lessons.
        We provide specialized lessons in the fields of administration, law, health, sciences, economics, environment, engineering, mining among others. 

        • High Rate with the French Test of the Public Commission

          We have been offering French lessons to the Public Service for years. We have a very high rate of success with the French test of the Public Commission.

          • Focus on You Speaking as Much as Possible

            Our French lessons are tailored to your needs and are designed to make you speak as much as possible. We follow the SPSC/EFPC and we add our own material to provide dynamism and efficiency. The objective is to offer a interesting French lessons for professionals with results.

            • We are Flexible in Terms of Lesson Times

              1. We can send a French teacher to a private one-on-one lesson or a group class at the student’s place of work.
              2. We can send a teacher for one day of teaching with several classes of different levels at different times.
              3. We can arrange short courses of only 3 months, with a budget of under $5000.
              4. We adapt the curriculum to suit the specific needs and objectives of each government department.
              5. We prepare students for the French examinations of the Commission of Public Service.

              • Learn in a Positive, Friendly and Supportive Environment

                1. Our teachers are very professional and highly experienced and strive to ensure that students enjoy coming to class so that they are highly motivated to improve their French level.
                2. We put a lot of emphasis on interaction and oral practice so that the lesson is a moment of sharing, discovery and enjoyment as well as work.
                3. We incorporate aspects of French Canadian and francophone culture, especially relating to their working life, to awaken the interest and enthusiasm of students.

                • We teach High Level Pedagogical Approaches and Techniques

                  1. The courses are prepared for the specific needs of students, as clarified through needs analyses prior to the start of lesson. We provide specialized lessons in the fields of law, medicine, economics, engineering, mining among others.
                  2. Our courses are prepared by teachers and language professionals who have many years of experience in explaining the subtleties of different aspects of the French language to an anglophone public.
                  3. Our school already works with the public service and offers quality French courses throughout greater Vancouver to Health Canada, the National Film board, the CFIA, Passport Canada, Agriculture Canada, AADNC, Public Service Commission, Transport Canada, Public Works and many others.

                ONLINE LESSONS

                Please note that during the current situation, all of our lessons have been moved ONLINE. We use the ZOOM platform which is free and very easy to use! You are able to see and interact with your teacher and we will send you the lesson as a PDF file before the class. We send notes to the student via Microsoft Word at the end of each class. We are able to fulfill all of our students’ needs online using Zoom at this time whether one-on-one or group classes.

                Our lessons are currently taking place online only. Please find below the hourly rates:


                Number of students Rate per student per hour for Government French lessons on Zoom or other online platform Total hourly rate for online Government French lessons
                1 $60 (per student per hour) $60
                2 $34 $68
                3 $72 $24
                4-6 Varies $80
                7+ Varies $90
                10+ Varies $100


                  • FEES & TAX

                    French lessons are TAX EXEMPT in Canada
                    Students who pay for 20 or more hours in advance receive a 5% discount.

                    Material: There is no fee for material for online lesssons if the student prints the lessons him or herself.
                    If you would like the school to print the material, there is an additional flat fee of a minimum of $39+GST which is invoiced at the beginning of any Government French lessons and which covers the cost of all materials for the length of the course. Should other specific materials, such as specific books be needed, they will be invoiced separately.

                    We also offer intensive Government and Business French courses of between 15 and 30 hours a week. Each course is written with the specific needs and objective of the student in mind.

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