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FALL 2019 FRENCH ADULT CLASSES now open for registration!


You are invited to join our dynamic General French Group classes. Our lessons will teach you the basics of French grammar and vocabulary with a particular focus on encouraging oral communication. Your teacher is available to answer any questions you may have during the week by email. We are conveniently situated in the heart of Vancouver on West Broadway/Cypress St. 

FALL 2019

BEGINNER 2/WEAK INTERMEDIATE French adult class – Tuesdays – Sep 24th 2019 – spots left!

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INTERMEDIATE French adult class – Mondays – Sep 30th 2019 – spots left!

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BEGINNER 1 – Wednesdays – October 9th 2019 – spots left!

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Please note that the deposit fee is INCLUDED in all course fees. If you pay for the deposit, we will send you an e-bill for the balance a week before the course starts. You can also reserve a spot by sending the $39 deposit or full course fee by interac e-transfer to this address: admin@littlesorbonne.com. Alternatively, please email us if you would like to join one of our classes.

 Which class should I be in?

Our Beginner Group Adult Classes are perfect for those who have done no French or only high school French and who don’t speak French now or can only speak and understand few phrases. It is a dynamic class where you will study all the basics of this beautiful language, while speaking as much as possible.

For those who have taken our Beginner 1 class or one or two Beginner 2 classes and who can converse relatively comfortably in the present tense in simple situations, who have a fair range of basic vocabulary that can be accessed easily without too much thought, but who are not at all comfortable with the past or future tenses, we invite you to join our Beginner 2/Weak Intermediate Class.

Our Intermediate Class is perfect for students who can converse fairly easily in the present tense, who have a wide range of vocabulary knowledge and who also know the past and near future tenses, though are not fluent and still have gaps in the grammar and vocabulary. In this dynamic class, we shall study a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking exercises, with a focus on developing speaking skills as much as possible. This class is not appropriate for very advanced speakers. If you are not sure if this class would be right for you, please contact us!

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe in teaching our students practical French skills which allow them to communicate in everyday situations. Our highly motivated instructors are native speakers who have many years of experience teaching languages. The only thing we ask students to bring to class is a positive attitude!

Late Registrations Possible!

Registrations are still open after the class starting date. Requirements: you need to pick up the material you missed and study and complete the lessons you missed at home. You are welcome to take a half-price private French lesson if you would like to work with the teacher before joining the class. We cannot register you if the class in question has reached the full capacity of 8 students but we can put you on the waiting list.

Small Classes for Better Quality!

We believe that students learn and retain more in classes limited to 8 students. Therefore, our classes are limited to 8 students enrolled per class and 4 students for the intermediate class at our school. We therefore recommend you to reserve a seat by paying the deposit fee of $39 in advance.

Focus on Speaking

We will give you the grammar and vocabulary tools in order to speak as much as possible during the time of your group class. The teacher is trained by Little Sorbonne to enhanced your oral capacities and make you feel comfortable to speak French a lot during the time you will be in the class. We are proud of our results!

Real Life Situations

We like to introduce students to different real life situation and role plays. You will learn how to communicate in those situations and how to solve problems and make you understand by others in French. Real Life Situations allows students to fully live the language, retain more and reuse.

Introductions Bonjour, je m’appelle Nick. Comment ça va? Je suis informaticien, et vous? Je suis canadien.
Shopping Je voudrais une baguette s.v.p. Combien coûte ce chapeau? Je peux payer par carte de crédit?
Restaurant Passez-moi le sel s.v.p. Je voudrais un café. Je vais prendre une tarte au citron. J’ai faim!
Travel Un billet Montréal-Québec s.v.p. Où est la sortie? Pour aller au musée? Je cherche le bureau de poste. Pouvez-vous m’aider?



Study French in Vancouver at Sorbonne Language School

“Sorbonne’s tutor always kept up the momentum, covering many grammar concepts and new vocabulary, while consistently improving our spoken and written French. He was always punctual and made full use of the time spent teaching, never wasting a minute. The tutor is very personable, and had a wonderful rapport with us. Without hesitation we can say that Sorbonne Language School’s teachers skills are truly superior.”

J.B., communication consultant for the film industry in Vancouver

“My partner & I have been having French lessons for the past 5 months. Our teacher has a very professional approach to each lesson and makes learning French easy and efficient. We look forward to each lesson.”

Anton Mayer & Kim Kornish, restaurant industry in Vancouver downtown

“We consider ourselves particularly fortunate to have contacted Sorbonne Language School. During an 8-month period, on a weekly basis, Sorbonne Language School tutored us in French. Thoroughly professional at all times, the tutor was extremely well organized; each 2-hour lesson he came prepared with a variety of new materials, making the lessons interesting and enjoyable.”

Testimonial from one of our private students