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Join our French Meetup in Vancouver!

Come and practice French at our regular French Meetups. All levels are welcome!

You need to first register to the Meetup.com website before you can register to our meetup.

Merci. Little Sorbonne Administration.

For more information, see:

Le French Meetup de Little Sorbonne

More details about our French Meetup Group:

Open to everybody. Bienvenue à tous!

This group helps any French enthusiasts and Francophones/Francophiles to practice French in the Greater Vancouver area. We have groups of different levels, please check our French meetup level before registering or rsvp: beginner, intermediate, or advanced and choose the one that suits best.

We also try to offer Meetups not only in Vancouver but also in Burnaby, North Van, West Van, Richmond, Surrey and Coquitlam.

Little Sorbonne offers dynamic French for professionals and we work as a language school with many businesses and the Federal government of Canada. We have a professional and experienced approach to teaching languages.

During our Meetups we want our students and guests to practice French as much as possible as there are not many occasions to do it in Vancouver.

We encourage our students to come at our French Meetups as soon as they can as it is an occasion for them to practice what they studied during the class.

Not only our students but everybody is welcome to our Meetups. The more we are and the more we can speak during those 2 magic hours.

When you come to the events, please respect the members and the organizing team, merci!

Lorsque vous venez aux événements, veuillez respecter les membres et les organisateurs, merci!

Bienvenue à tous!

Open to everybody!

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