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Product Description

Day and time: Wednesday – 9am to 10.45am
Starting Date: Sept 25th 2013 (For those students joining in week 3 or 4, we will give you the material you missed)
End Date: Nov 6th 2013
Number of classes: 7

There are 3 classes remaining of this 7-week course, whose cost is reduced from $259 to $120. If you would like to join, we will give you the material for the lessons you missed before your first class!

You are invited to join these dynamic General French classes. We are conveniently situated in the heart of Vancouver. Our lessons will teach you the basics of French grammar and vocabulary with a particular focus on encouraging oral communication. Your teacher is available to answer any questions you may have during the week by email.

Weak Intermediate classes are perfect for those who have have taken French beginner classes and/or are able to introduce themselves in French and are familiar with the verbs être, avoir and at least 20 -er verbs in the present tense. Those who take the Weak Intermediate class should be able to respond to simple questions in the present tense with ease. In this class, we shall study tenses other than the present tense, and higher level vocabulary.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe in teaching our students practical French skills which allow them to communicate in everyday situations. Our highly motivated instructors are native speakers who have many years of experience teaching languages. The only thing we ask students to bring to class is a positive attitude!

All material is included, including 1 textbook, and there are no taxes in French lessons in Canada. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Please note that we try to update the number of spots left every day but occasionally several people sign up at the same time and there may be fewer spots available than indicated. As there is high demand for our classes and our courses are almost always full up, we recommend signing up at least 3 days before the course begins to be sure that you will have a spot in the class.


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