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Dear Students,

We are happy to present to you some testimonials from our students.

1.”We consider ourselves particularly fortunate to have contacted Little Sorbonne Language School Inc. in January 2007. During an 8-month period, on a weekly basis, Little Sorbonne tutored us in French. Thoroughly professional at all times, the tutor was extremely well organized; each 2-hour lesson he came prepared with a variety of new materials, making the lessons interesting and enjoyable.

He always kept up the momentum, covering many grammar concepts and new vocabulary, while consistently improving our spoken and written French. He was always punctual and made full use of the time spent teaching, never wasting a minute. The tutor is very personable, and had a wonderful rapport with us. Without hesitation we can say that Little Sorbonne’s teachers skills are truly superior.” Jennifer Beairsto, Laughing Mountain Inc., communication consulting for the film industry in Vancouver.

2. “I enjoy learning with Little Sorbonne because not only do I learn French language but we have interesting discussions on European
history, culture and business. An all-round great experience.” A.K. Powell and Company, management consulting in Vancouver.

3. “Little Sorbonne Language School Inc. has great teachers! My teacher is very patient, knowledgeable and always willing to search out a solution to a question that I have. Classes are fun and creative.” Administration accountant in Vancouver.

4. “My tutor is very enthusiastic and his lessons are very interesting. I look forward to my lessons as each of them is devoted to different topic and thus very inspiring. We work on grammar, conversation and writting with ease and precision.” Sabina B., microbiology research department, UBC.

5. “J’ai eu l’occasion d’étudier chez vous avant une visite en France, et je n’ai eu aucun problème avec la communication en France. Parfois, les travailleurs des restaurants et les hôtels ont essayé de parler anglais à mes 4 compagnons de voyage, mais le plupart du temps, ils ont parlé français avec moi! J’ai été très heureux d’être accepté en tant que francophone.                 J. Spears, law firm in Vancouver.

6. “My partner & I have been having French lessons for the past 5 months. Our teacher has a very professional approach to each lesson and makes learning French easy and efficient. We look forward to each lesson.” Anton Mayer & Kim Kornish, restaurant industry in Vancouver downtown.

7. I really enjoyed the Beginner French course. The teacher was really friendly and I learnt a lot of new material. I got to speak more than at other French classes that I have attended in the past and the class size wasn’t too big so I felt like I got a lot of teacher attention. I am looking forward to more French classes. Karla D.

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